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Featured Items

Vortex Venom Red Dot

Make your AR, pistol, or shotgun even more poisonous with the Venom Red Dot sight. A 3 MOA dot promotes rapid target acquisition, while providing a precise point of aim—getting shots down range and on target fast.


Suppressor for .22LR, .300BLK (subsonic), .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm, 9mm


We offer a wide variety of gunsmith services. From threading barrels to Cerakote finish we are your one stop shop!

Gun Smithing

Consisting of completely stripping gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, and making suggestions of services needed to put firearm in A-1 condition.


Handgun $39.99 – $59.99
Shotgun $59.99 – $89.99
Rifle $59.99 – $69.99


Bore Sight:
When you purchase a scope: FREE
When you bring a scope: $35.00
Zero In: $70.00

Gunsmithing Price List
Service Charge Per Hour $90.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun $39.99
Detailed Cleaning – Completely stripping your firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear or broken parts, and making suggestions of services needed to put it in A-1 condition. Price is based on the complexity of the firearm.   $49.99-$99.99
Metal Finishing – May vary based on type of firearm. Ask for detailed information & other types of finishes. POR
    Thermo Set Finishes Such as Gun-Kote   $ By Request
    Disassemble & Reassemble Firearm – This is based on time, some firearms will cost more some will cost less, this is the average cost.   $40.00 +
Sight Work  
    Sight In Firearm – Does not include cost of ammo or targets   Hourly Rate
    Scope Mount/ Boresight– Includes mounting, Truing Rings, Checking Scope, & Bore Sighting $35.00
    Drill & Tap Shotgun Receiver For Scope Base on most shotguns ( Per Hole ) $50/Per Hole
Tig Welding Hourly Rate.
    Cut Dovetail – Standard $74.99
General Firearm Work  
    Function Test Fire Firearm $19.99
    Check Head Space $39.99
    Check Firing Pin Protrusion $14.99
    Make Chamber Cast $74.99
    Remove Fired Case From Chamber Hourly Rate
    Remove Live Round From Chamber $19.99+ Hourly Rate
    Remove Obstruction From Bore Hourly Rate
    Remove Fouling And/Or Leading From Barrel Hourly Rate + Materials
    Install Liner In Barrel – Does not include cost of barrel liner $150
    Cut & Crown Barrel  – Most barrels $74.99
    Welding On New Bolt Handle – Does not include cost of new bolt handle, or any clearance cutting of receiver or stock. $99.99
    Making Springs Hourly Rate + Materials
    Trigger Job ( Adjustable Trigger ) $49.99
    Trigger Job – Smooth & lighten. Does not include price of spring kits. This price is for most firearms some will cost more. $74.99 +
Handgun Work  
    Chamfer Revolver Barrel $49.99
    Chamfer Revolver Cylinder $349.99
    Revolver Action Job $149.99
    Rebarrel Revolver – Remove old barrel & replace with a new barrel. Does not include the cost of new barrel $100.00
    Requalify Revolver Barrel/Cylinder Gap $75.00
    Semi-Auto Action Job 1911 $199.99
Stock Work  
    Glass Bedding Barrel And/Or Action $150.00
    Pillar Bed $75.00
    Install Recoil Pad or Plate -Does not include price of pad or plate $44.99
    Install Adjustable Butt Plate $125.00
    Install Sling Swivels Studs In Stock-Does not include the price of the Swivel Studs                      $10/Stud
    Fit, Bed And Finish Fiberglass Stock $75+Hourly Rate
    Thread a shotgun barrel for chokes $250/barrel
    Stuck Choke Removal $75.00
    Lengthen forcing Cones $75.00
    Installing Shotgun Bead-Does not include the price of the bead                    $45-$150
    Requalify Headspace on A5 Style Shotguns $50.00



Let us help you figure out a good price for your firearms.  We are always buying new and used guns, so please stop by and talk with us.

We Buy New and Used Guns
We Take Guns on Trade

Estate Valuation

It’s always hard losing a loved one and at Guns-N-Gear we want to make the process of valuing and selling your firearm estate as easy as possible.

Estate Valuation

Estate Valuation can be a tough process for most people. It’s always hard losing a loved one and at Guns-N-Gear we want to make the process of valuing and selling your firearm estate as easy as possible. We have several different ways of handling things and we would love to help you through the process.

Valuing the Estate

We have skilled personnel that can research, value, and appraise your firearm collection. We always give you accurate values for today’s market.

Discussing the Options

When selling an estate we offer several different options.
Guns-N-Gear can make a lump sum offer on the firearms so you can move them quickly and have cash in hand that day
Sell the inventory on consignment
Post the inventory on Gun Broker and sell via internet (fees are usually incurred with this option)


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“This is a great gun store that meets my expectations of what a gun store should. The staff are friendly and know about what they sell. I had a conversation with everyone there in my short visit.”

Cory Calhoun

“I wanted to take a moment and thank the staff at Guns and Gear for providing excellent customer service. Erin was awesome with some issues that I was having and showed genuine care. Great or even Good customer service is a lost art these days and Guns and Gear showed it means a lot to them.”

Kevin Smith

Source May 29, 2018: Google Reviews

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